Surface Spectrum operates in a way that makes conservation a priority. We demonstrate this commitment through the products we offer, our fabrication process and our daily operations.

Surface Spectrum is an authorized fabricator of Vetrazzo, a material used for countertops that consists of 85% recycled glass by volume, everything from old bottles and jars to discarded architectural glass. We also offer countertops made from the ECO line by Cosentino, which contain 75% recycled post-industrial or post-consumer materials and are bound together by a resin that is partially corn based, as well as the Terra line from Zodiaq by Dupont, which contains 25% post-consumer waste.

Our fabrication process uses water that we continuously filter and re-use. Given that the average countertop requires over 19,000 litres of water, we conserve over a million litres of this precious resource each year by recycling it instead of consuming more fresh water for each new project.

Through our exclusive use of digital templating and CAD/CAM software, Surface Spectrum also eliminates the need to waste large volumes of paper or plastic film for drawing life-sized patterns or templates for countertop production.

Surface Spectrum is also committed to the efficient use of energy through our participation in the Small Business Lighting Program created by the Ontario Power Authority.

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