Custom Countertops in 5 Simple Steps

Surface Spectrum works with its clients to create elegant, custom made countertops through the following five-step procedure:

Step One: Material Selection

Starting your project begins with selecting your material – granitequartz, Dekton or marble.  Each has its own attributes, which are detailed on products page. Through our vendors and suppliers, Surface Spectrum has access to countless designs and colours, many samples of which can be viewed in our showroom.  

Please visit our Idea Gallery for added inspiration.

Step Two: The Estimate

Each project is unique due to variables that include: the type of stone selected, cut-outs required for appliances, sinks, faucets or soap dispensers, the type of edge profiles desired and overall dimensions. Once these are determined, Surface Spectrum can provide a preliminary estimate.

Step Three: Measurement, Design and Approval

Surface Spectrum will conduct an in-home measurement using sophisticated digital tools, which will form the basis of the pattern for your countertop. There is no need to remove existing countertops. A detailed drawing and final quote will then be produced. 

Step Four: Fabrication

Your granite, quartz or marble countertop will be fabricated at our location using precision cutting and polishing technology to ensure superior quality.

Step Five: Delivery & Installation

Your project ends with a mutually-convenient, scheduled date for delivery and installation.  Clients have the option of making their own arrangements for the removal and disposal of existing countertops and the disconnecting and reconnecting of plumbing and electric or gas cooktops, or asking Surface Spectrum to arrange for these additional services.

Get Started

We would be pleased to provide you with a preliminary estimate for your project.  

Kindly email us at sales-atsign-surfacespectrum-dot-com and be sure to include the following information:

  • choice of material (granite, quartz, Dekton or marble),
  • dimensions of the countertop,
  • number of cut-outs for appliances, sinks and faucets,
  • type of edge profile desired.


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